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Hi Taylor:
Nice to hear from you.
Our trip was amazing.....The weather was perfect and the Boats Mi sueno and the crew were outstanding and El Loco II was amazing!!The accomodations were really great and the new restaurant was incredible the views and the food...excellent!
The fishing was wonderful my girlfriend caught a nice sailfish. I caught plenty of Dorado,Tuna and Wahoo. I also caught a few Marlin.  One Blue Marlin which was atleast 500lbs but he got away.......but that was a gorgeous sight to see him fly.........
Thank you again Taylor for a wonderful trip.....I look forward to planning another trip for next year around the same time..

I will be in touch with you early next spring to check in on rates,etc........
Have a great Holiday Season and New Year.
Take care,

Darin Tinglof

Thank you, thank you.  Brett's birthday was a complete success!  We all had soooo much fun.  Honestly after visiting Palmas eleven years ago during construction  I really didn't expect much.  But this was top notch.  We spent most of  our time in the infinity pool ordering from the swim up bar knowing that Dillon and Brett were having fun fishing.   We all loved being able to choose off the menu at two different restaurants. Chewy and the staff were great, and the service was good.   The band (Skelaton Key) was fantastic and we had such a great party.   On the way home from the airport we were all talking about when we might return.  A sincere thank you to you Taylor.  We are interested in visiting Panama if you have any properties there. 

Marie Amidon

Hey Taylor,

Had a great trip, caught a lot of fish and had a good time.  The El Loco II was broke down but got the El Loco I which was fine, just a smaller boat.  Fished the Fresh Catch the last day.  Came home with 100lbs of Tuna and Dorado, my 11 year old son “Robbie” caught a 120lb Strip Marlin and released.

I would put this trip up with the best ones I’ve had.

Thanks again for your help, I’ll be booking soon for next year.

Rob Knoll

Hi Taylor,
 Yes there will definitely be a third in Oct.2012 . 2011 is a wife year and that sucker is expensive. Jen Wren III was all you built it up to be. My sponsors said it was the nicest boat they had ever fished on. Funny thing is these guys go 3 times a year and have fished on much larger boats. They also do those extended trips 5 to 10 days out. They said the boat was new, very well kept and the Captain and crew absolutely kicked ass. Jen wren II is the one my team had and we came in dead last in the tournament. It was ok because we won last time and I did not want that to happen again. Cris over at Baja Papas smoke house prepared all our fish to take home he made us a deal on it. He also provided a welcome tray of fish and scallops when we arrived and helped put on our award ceremony. He and his crew were priceless. If you have other groups doing the same thing we do they should hook up with him.All in all the tourny was a big success. Thanks for all your help.  El Jefe   T.L. 

TL Hodge Construction, Inc.

We had a great time on the El Tio. Ramon and especially the deckhand Jose worked very well together and worked hard to find fish. We did get into a dolphin and Yellowfin frenzy out 40 miles or so. We caught five tuna from 50 to 70 pounds!
Alan Throckmorton

Thanks Taylor - everything was great, the band was excellent and the Bayview resturant is the place to eat. I think I sent you some Pics.  My 6 year old outfished everyone!  In 2 days of fishing he caught 2 striped marlin, 1 sail, a yellowfin and a rooster. He had the trip of a lifetime and will be a lifelong customer based on this trip. Everyone had a great time.
cant wait to go back. The hotel was almost empty - pretty sad to see it. Talking to the guys there, they have been having some problems with boats disappearing at night. Apparently 4 pangas were stolen just before we arrived and the locals are a little freeked out about it.
I would like to get some pics tp Ernesto, can you do that or can I email them to the hotel and have someone print them?
Cant wait to go back!

It was a blast. Thanks for everything. Ryan will be contacting your soon about reserving rooms/boats for October 7-10, 2011.
Shaun Lumachi

The trip was the greatest. I will be booking my gal and I next October. In Paris on business. Will update you on what I need this week. Thanks for evrythinbg Taylor. It was fantastic.

It was awsome!  Fishing was good on panga's.  I did not like the Fresh Catch captain. Jesus in Rudy Baby was great and Ernesto in Splash 1 or 2 was excellent.
Very difficult to understand how to tip the help.  It looked like anything we charged to the room had tips included.  I'm hoping the servers get the tips.
The newer restraunt was fantastic.  Best calamri I've ever had.
Thanks and we can't wait to get back.

Great....good fish amount, nothing of huge size but gladd to catch a little of everything and bring some home.  All the guys at the firehouse love the fresh fish!  Looking to book a trip in late July for a group again....some of us plan on bring the wife's and kids....will have to figure out the package price....when should I contact you back for that trip??  Want to get the good boats and rooms....
Thanks as always!!

  OFF THE HOOK!!! The trip was a huge success. Every body caught fish,everybody caught a buzz,every body loved it. The food at the Bay view was excellent. The Condo was perfect.The boats especially Jen Wren III were all top notch. I would be here all day telling you everything that went right. I had 24 happy campers and I hold you personally responsible. Thank you Taylor.

TL Hodge Construction, Inc.

Hi Taylor,

We had a great time as always. We caught 10 tuna the first day, mostly small but got a 35 lbs and 70 lbs fish. The second day we went for dorado and caught 2-30lbs fish and 2 small ones. Can’t complain about that! The weather was mild this year which was nice. Not many people there, I hope they are doing okay. We will plan another trip for April or May next year when my daughter is done with her treatments. Thanks again for taking great care of us. As always, every detail was handled. Take care.


Hi Taylor

Palmas was wonderful!!!  We had a great time and caught lots of fish!  Would definitely recommend it and may go back again.
I was surprised not to see you, I didn’t realize you worked off site.  Do you represent other places? Any in Panama or Guatemala?  Those are our next destinations J
Thanks for organizing everything, it was all perfect!

Kerry Weber
Weber Design Group, Inc.

It was a great trip, Taylor!
4 out of 5 caught Marlin, even though one of the Marlin was only about 100 lbs. Still a thrill for the guy who caught it. I got a 250 pounder. We all got enough Tuna and Dorado filets to keep us fed for months. Always have a good day with Alberto and Daniel on the J&B.  We got to eat dinner at the restaurant down at the south end of the hotel. Those guys went overboard putting on a food show for everyone. The margs at the bar are still mucho peligroso. Hector is always amenable to helping us kill brain cells. All the staff including the shuttle drivers were courteous and helpful.
The only irritant I can think of was the wifi that never seemed to work for more than 5 minutes. Hey....but if wives and clients cant rag on us maybe that is a good thing. I was just looking for football scores. The snack bar wasn't open enough and no one was making ceviche at the bar but I was told by almost everyone that biz is way down due to the economy.
We have discovered surfing at Todos Santos and snorkeling at Cabo Pulmo on the days we don’t fish. I am getting to really like that area all around....except for Cabo. Cabo is getting a little too much with the hustle for me.
Bottom line is we will probably schedule another trip next year. Someday, however, you might lose me if I can find a way to retire down there and get my own boat.

Hi Taylor,

We always have a good time. Fishing was very spotty but the beer was good and cold. The boat we reserved was not in the water, but Herman set us up in another one. The weather was perfect…another great trip! Thanks for your help in getting everything set up for us!




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