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Swimbaits - The Basics



Rigging the bait straight is important and can be done quite easily. The most important thing is to thread the hook through the bait in one continuous movement. If you stop half way and then keep going, you'll probably wind up going a slightly different direction and the bait will run lopsided. As you thread the bait the hook should come out the back of the bait in the right position naturally. If you find yourself stretching the swimbait or bunching it up while you rig the bait, you are doing something wrong. A good idea when you are first rigging baits is to hold the bait next to the jig head and use the point of the hook to mark where the hook should come out. Aim for that spot and you should do ok.

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Calico Bass Fishing 5-5-5

By Larry "Calico Hunter" Heron

A. Five things about gear and swimbaits

1) The rods

I prefer a 7-9ft rod, moderate to extra fast action rod, graphite is best, composites are ok, But don’t let lack of proper gear keep you from trying!

Rock Jetty Fishing

By Henry Ortega


Rock jetties provide an abundance of forage for species such as calico bass, sand bass, halibut, white seabass, and the occasional spotted bay bass. These species feed on forage such as herring, tomcod, perch, and mussel, all of which live near and around rock jetties. One of the most commonly fished rock jetties in the South Bay is known as “The Wallâ€. It’s a three-part jetty that runs from San Pedro to Long Beach, but just about all harbors have a rock jetty that is fishable. The most important thing to successfully fishing rock jetties is to have the proper gear. A 6 to 8 foot graphite rod in the 15 to 30 pound line class matched with a Shimano Calcutta 400 or equivalent reel is best. There will be situations where you need to step up to the heavier line to avoid getting rocked, especially when fishing at night. When fishing the inside of the jetties, a 4 inch Big Hammer swimbait on a ½ oz. Hammerhead jig head seems to work the best. On the outside, I prefer to fish the 5 inch swimbaits with ¾ oz. jig head because the water is deeper. Don’t hesitate to throw a 5 inch on the inside and if you don’t get bit then go down to the 4 inch. Some of the best colors for the jetties are browns, greens and oranges. When the grunion are running, try fishing colors that mimic them, particularly when targeting halibut. Fish the darker colors in the morning and night and the brighter colors during the day.

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Catch & Release


When releasing fish, whatever the reason, a few widely practised techniques and tips have proven effective in improving survival rates.

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Swimbaits - Problems


Anytime you are dealing with hand-crafted products there will be varying degrees of quality. At Big Hammer we do everything we can to produce the highest quality lures possible. We stand behind our products and will replace baits that are defective.

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Fishing Friends

Florida Keys Fishing

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